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Book Review Program

The 'Book Review Program' is a creative way for you to both help connect your circle of friends and family with important and helpful resources in addition to receiving great reads for yourself at no cost!



Sign Up. 
Create a free 'reviewer account'.  Please note that all applicants are required to have been blogging consistently for the most recent 3 months and have a minimum of 10 followers or subscribers.  It may take up to one week for your profile application to be approved.

Choose a Book.
Once your 'reviewer account' is approved, you will be able to log in to the 'Reviewers Available Books' page to select a title that interests you.  Simply follow the instructions to download your desired e-book.

Post Your Review.
Post your review on your blog and share it on at least one other social media outlet (twitter, facebook, etc.)

Submit Your Review.
After posting your review on your blog, simply email us a link to the post.

Choose Another Book.
After your review is verified we will update your Available Book page and you simply choose your next title for review.

To sign up for a review account, simply fill out this form and after someone from our staff reviews your blog, we will email you a link which will allow you to set up your pass word and access the available e-books.

Sign Up Form

Thanks for submitting!

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