Bible Pictures of the Word of God

15 pages containing notes to parents/teachers and handout/worksheets
ISBN:  9781111130407

Author:  Jill Masters

Bible Pictures of the Word of God – drawn chiefly from Psalm 119; the Word of God is like a lamp, a sword, etc. 

These loose-leaf styled "bible worksheets" are wonderful aids in teaching solid, biblical truths (which are in harmony with the 1689 Baptist Confession) to the children of our churches and homes. 

They avoid the presentation of the Bible narrative as mere ‘stories’, so that the Word of God speaks powerfully to the young, pressing home the great arguments and appeals of the Gospel and Christian conversion.

No matter if utilized by parents during Family Worship or each Sabbath day by Sunday School instructors these resources are highly valued and appreciated by both teacher and children.

Bible Pictures of the Word of God