Isaac Backus Pamphlets: 1754 - 1789

Isaac Backus Pamphlets: 1754 - 1789. Covering Church, State and Calvinism


1. A Discourse Showing the Nature and Necessity of an Internal Call to Preach the Everlasting Gospel.

2. A Short Description of The Difference Between The Bondwoman And The Free.

3. A Fish Caught in His Own Net.

4. The Sovereign Decrees of God.

5. An Appeal to the Public for Religious Liberty.

6. Government and Liberty Described.

7. Policy as Well as Honesty.

8. An Appeal to the People.

9. Truth Is Great and Will Prevail.

10. A Door Opened for Christian Liberty.

11. An Address to the Inhabitants of New England.

12. The Doctrine of Particular Election and Final Perseverance.

Isaac Backus Pamphlets: 1754 - 1789