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J.A. Haldane - Galatians

From the Preface: It is generally thought that the Galatians were originally Gauls, who settled in the lesser Asia. This, however, is a matter of very little consequence; it is enough for us to know that they were Gentiles, who, by the labors of the Apostle Paul, were converted to the faith of Christ, but, by the arts of the judaizing teachers, had been led to suppose that, in order to acceptance with God, they must be circumcised, and keep the law of Moses.


We learn, both from the Acts and the Epistles, that the influence of these false teachers was very extensive, and very prejudicial. Their doctrine was eminently calculated to lead away the disciples from the truth, and although the destruction of Jerusalem, and the consequent cessation of sacrifices, and other rites of Judaism, promised to put a stop to the prevalence of this pernicious error, it continues, under a somewhat different form, to pervade what is termed Christendom at the present hour, and is the principal cause of the lamentable divisions which prevail among those who profess the faith of Jesus.


For the wisest and most important purposes, the Lord separated from the rest of the world the family from which Christ was to sp